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As a specialized company dedicated to machinery, our mission is to make our customers grow, satisfy their needs and offer them the best options for sure success. The main objective is to ensure the success of our customers because that will be our success. For this we want to offer you a full service in the sale of machinery.

From a complete commercial support both in the purchase and sale of machinery. As well as a professional management of the transport and logistics of the machinery, both nationally and internationally. Going through a complete technical service that ensures and guarantees the perfect condition of the machinery and helps our customers to have their machines in perfect condition. We also offer our spare parts department for all types of machinery, completely efficient and multi-brand.

Completing the demand of our clients’ needs, makes us have a rental machine stock for specific jobs when the purchase is not an option.

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Commercial Support

We could help the customers who want to get rid of their machinery at any given time, thanks to our commercial network, with more than 25.000 contacts around the world, we will be able to find the best destination for their machines and get our customer the best price for market.

Providing a large stock of machinery to those customers interested in buying. With machines completely checked by our technical service and in perfect working condition. If for any reason, we do not have the right machine for our client, we have the ability thanks to our commercial network to locate it anywhere in the world and negotiate the best price for the best business of our customers.

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Technical Service

In our philosophy of full service for our customers, the presence of a professional technical department with great experience is essential, capable of carrying out any assistance in the most efficient way possible and with the greatest guarantees of success.

Our technicians are constantly trained by our represented brands, as well as by internal trainings to learn about the latest advances and best repair and commissioning techniques for any machine in the construction and public works sector.

Our technical department makes the revision, repair and start-up of each of the machines that we deliver. As well as its subsequent maintenance or any repair that the client requires. We have facilities that are perfectly adapted to the type of repairs we carry out, with a workshop capable of housing various machines of more than 60 tons, an overhead crane, and equipped with all the necessary tools for the development of your activity.

At the same time we have several mobile workshops, vans equipped with everything necessary to cover assistance outside, wherever you have to travel, from simple maintenance to complicated repair.
The essential support of this technical department is our spare parts department, which supplies the necessary material and parts for any assistance. Always with top brand and high quality products.

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Spare Parts Department

At VAEX we have an efficient multi-brand spare parts department capable of solving any incident that occurs in our customers’ machines. We work hard to provide you with an extensive range of spare parts for machinery. Our premises are to optimize delivery time and get the best price, this will ensure that our custoemrs make their investment profitable, without having the machine stopped for more than the time strictly necessary.

Machinery Parts Offers

We would like to offer you a large catalog of parts for machinery, both original and compatible. Our goal is to provide you with the best solution for your need.


We work with the official spare parts of the brands we represent to offer our customers the maximum guarantees and their machines continue to have original parts of the best quality. Even so, our commitment to providing a total service leads us to maintain a large stock of generic and multi-brand spare parts, since they may be the best solution in certain cases. Therefore, we offer our customers all kinds of spare parts for machinery, both original and alternative.

Thanks to our long experience in the sector, our spare parts department knows perfectly each type of spare part and every need of our spare parts customers to give the best possible service and personalized attention. We also work with the most efficient and urgent transport services, being able to supply spare parts in less than 24 hours.

Whatever your need, do not hesitate to contact us to request a part.

Transport & Logistic

For more than 10 years our main business has been the export of machinery, with sales in more than 44 different countries around the world. This experience has created us a great knowledge of the world of logistics for construction machinery and public works.

We have the knowledge of the product, the experience and the contacts to be able to help you with any transport you need to make of your machinery, both nationally and internationally. In these operations, transport is a handicap that must be taken into account and that is why we like to offer our customers the best option to export or import their machinery.

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Full Service

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